In Memory of Humboldt Broncos Hockey Team. RIP.


In Memory of Humboldt Broncos Hockey Team. RIP.

Board the bus boys let’s hit the road

Let’s get to the game, to the next episode

Spirit intact and making our strategy

Never a thought of a bus crash tragedy

It happened so fast, in the blink of an eye

Claimed many lives but our spirit can’t die

These guys live on, up in the clouds

Humboldt lightning and thunder is loud

Players and staff that made it through

May the dark clouds above soon turn blue

The sun will shine again, you’ll feel alive

With that the Broncos will begin to revive

The pain and loss we will never know why

It’s hard to explain so don’t even try

Just pick up the pieces that fell apart

To rebuild the Bronco’s is rebuilding heart

A team to remember for all of our time

We wish them well and all that’s sublime

A lesson for all, that this life is a gift

In the hearts of the Bronco’s our spirit lifts

So look to the skies, oh wouldn’t it be nice

To see those boys playing on Heaven’s ice


Written by: Adam Scarati



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