A smoke alarm is essential to protecting your family and home at all times. You should conduct routine checks to ensure it will work should a fire occur. Here are a few tips to follow, and if you need help, reach out to our directory of handyman professionals!

It’s time to get up on a ladder and inspect your current unit. There are two kinds smoke alarms:

Battery-powered. These units are easy to install and typically require a couple of batteries, but frequent checks since they expire.

AC-powered. This unit is installed by an electrician and is powered by the unit source. However, it should be connected to a back-up battery in case the power goes out.

All smoke alarms and detectors have a test button that enables you to test out the unit and make sure it’s in working. Some units also have a light that indicates it’s powered and working. Make a point of testing the unit once a month by simply clicking the test button.

Not hearing a sound? clear indication the batteries are dead and need to be replaced. If you’ve already replaced the batteries and the sound isn’t working, the unit should probably be replaced. Just because the batteries are working doesn’t mean the smoke alarm will operate when called upon. To find out if it’s working, take two lit matches, blow out the flame, and hold them up to the unit so the smoke clouds around it. If there’s no action, then it’s time to consider having your unit replaced you can reach out to an expert if you’re not qualified to do so.

Keep your home and family safe at all times by doing routine checks around your home. They could save your life one day.

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